Sirens Of Jupiter - The Olympians

from the album The Olympians (2016)

Brooklyn's Daptone Records is - in my opinion - the best record label on earth today.  As someone who spends their time seeking out the labels that consistently release great, original music, Daptone simply stands unmatched.

What makes Daptone special is their clarity of purpose in creating product (music) of the absolute highest quality and putting quality ahead of all other considerations.  In any business, this is the mark of greatness.

Two of their soul artists that I covet are Charles Bradley and Lee Fields, both middle aged cats whose voices evoke inner truths about all the things that soul music stands for.  Each of them - along with fellow Daptone artist Sharon Jones - has a killer band behind them that bring to life retro soul vibes in thoroughly modern contexts.

The Olympians are an instrumental soul band comprised of members of Charles Bradley and Lee Fields bands.  The lead song on their eponymous debut album is Sirens Of Jupiter.  Turn this song up and enjoy the ride.  It is excellence and majesty.  As close to perfection as you will find in modern recorded music.

Click Here to listen to Sirens Of Jupiter.


  1. Sirens of Jupiter

    As the trumpet was my foray into the mind set of a musician, I have a special place for tunes that feature my heart felt instrument. The Olympians tune blasts out the horn section on this tune, and for me it just provides a healthy memory of being a long lost horn player. Ahhhh……

    1. I wish you still played trumpet. I'm sure they'd be saying "man, that cat can blow!!!"


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