Boyish - Hippo Campus

from the single Boyish (2016)

Hippo Campus is a very clever band name derived from a play on one of the most important components of the human brain.  I dig that.

The hippocampus is thought to play a role in emotions like fear and anger, as well as the "slam on the brakes" reflex you may experience while driving.

It also plays a role in feelings of joy and pleasure, which is what I experience when listening to Boyish, the latest single from this Minnesota band.

From the opening notes, my heart is rushing with anticipation and joy.  The eighth notes of the drum are really effective, as are the synth tracks.  The high pitched vocals and occasional background mantra of "I'll save the earth" further add to the vibe.

When this song ends, you can't help but feel a let down.  It is cool when a song's energy evokes this.

Click Here to watch the official music video to Boyish.


  1. So funny because I saw they are heading my way on BandsInTown, and so happen to be at a big nursing conference in DC and showed their name to my fellow RNs who all giggled. But it's not all in the name after all, as they really have a great sound.

    I like them and they are now on my list of a band to go see.

    1. Let me know how it goes. I bet they are real good. I am going to see Chrissie Hynde play an acoustic set in a record store this afternoon.

    2. That'll be amazing!! I saw her a couple of years ago. She's a bad ass. Let me know.

    3. It was great. Talk Of The Town and Back On The Chain Gang were the highlights.

      She closed with a song called Death Is Not Enough from her new album that almost brought me to tears.

    4. Just seeing this reply- wow- so, that song is on her latest release perhaps? Sounds intense. Checking it out.

  2. By the way- had dinner the other night with your old neighbor and classmate, Bob A!! He recently moved to DC, had located me on LinkedIn and we talked on phone a few weeks back and agree to meet up since I'm in town. Still a funny guy, looks the same. He told me to say hi. Small world.


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