Dancing On Glass - St. Lucia

from the album Matter (2016)

Once upon a time, a drunken armada set sail for Sag Harbor, New York to see the Thompson Twins perform at a club called Bay Street.  It was good pirate fun.

Fast forward to today and one of those buccaneers has turned me on to St. Lucia, a Brooklyn-based synth-pop band whose mastermind hails from South Africa.

Of all the songs I've sampled, Dancing On Glass is the one that resonates most.  The title's visual imagery coupled with the recklessness it explicates puts a smile on my face.  We all dance on glass in one form or another and "we're never gonna stop until we break it."

Now to the music, the synths, the beats, the groove are all fun; all have retro 80s with a modern sensibility.  It evokes an underlying spirit of the time that we could dance our problems away.

Thanks to my funky pirate friend for turning me on to this.

Click Here to listen to Dancing On Glass.


  1. Awwww!!!! Or should I say "arghhhhh"....

    I knew you'd like them! They are so retro yet so current- weird when that happens.

    To all the readers out there, you MUST see them live. Third best show ever in my book. Or at least in the top half-dozen. Also weird how that happens when a group you knew little about BLOWS THE MIND with its sound, energy and musical ability. The drummer was sick...in a good way. And Jean-Philip Grobler has some serious pipes.

    Unfortunately last night's TNAF manages to now pale in the comparison to St. Lucia. Oh well. Still pretty great.

    I agree with your song choice- though Home strikes a chord with me after seeing them live. And also an older tune, Closer than This, is sweet. September is good too.

    One more thing- thank you for making the Thompson Twins comparison as it has been driving me to drink (more) that I couldn't put my finger on it!! (That was a fun night out at Bay Street- wonder if it's still there?)

    Thanks, "matey"...that was a goodie.

    1. I came across some pictures from that night. A merry yarn...


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