Felicidade - Dom La Nena

from the EP Cantando (2016)

I am on a beautiful, moonlit beach.  Just me and the Land Ro.  A few hundred yards to my left are some sailors, boisterous and drunk, speaking Portuguese.  A bit apprehensive, I walk in the opposite direction.  The Land Ro follows me.

As the sound of the sailors fades beneath the soft surf, the sky becomes electric.  The stars begin to dance on their indigo backdrop. I walk in wonder.

Maybe half an hour later, I reach a perfectly rounded cove and decide to rest on a well-placed piece of driftwood.  I sit there, secluded, wondering if this is where my magical journey ends.

Music starts to play.  A beautiful, soft Brazilian voice over plucked strings.  Bowed strings come in adding to the magic.  The shazam in my mind has heard this voice before.  It is Dom La Nena.  Hers is the sweetest voice I know.

I lay in the sand, looking towards the heavens.  The Land Ro morphs into a giant snowy egret and flies away.  The music plays.

Do do do...

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