Finlin Ho - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou

from the album Madjafalao (2016)

After this endless election cycle - and all the gloating and whining that has followed - wouldn't you just like to get away from it all?

In my mind, I am driving an old Land Rover across some remote stretch of West Africa.  The sun is warmly shining as I bounce along a dirt road in the open air.  The stereo is cranked up blasting the happy, free-spirited music of Orcrcheste Poly-Rythmo Cotonou.

Finlin Ho is tune that I keep coming back to.  The band grooving to polyrhythms and sweet, sweet melodies in a language I do not need to understand.  Just feeling the vibe, basking in the sunshine.

I wish this road could stretch forever...

Click Here to listen to Finlin Ho.