Hate To See You Go - The Rolling Stones

from the album Blue & Lonesome (2016)

At their core, The Rolling Stones are rooted in the blues.  From their 1964 tribute to Chess Records - 2120 South Michigan Avenue - to taking their band name from a Muddy Waters song, the Stones and the blues are inseparable.

Check out the moment in the concert film Shine A Light when Buddy Guy joins them on stage for Champagne & Reefer, you see the joy in the bands faces and hear the heightened intensity in their sound.

This week, the band releases Blue & Lonesome, a record comprised of covers of old blues songs.  The record further stakes their claim as a great blues band.

Of the pre-released songs, my favorite is Hate To See You Go.  This Little Walter cover is highlighted by Mick Jagger's harmonica playing.  I dig sitting back and thinking "that cat can blow like Little Walter."  High praise.

Willie Dixon famously said "The blues are the roots, the rest are the fruits."  It is nice to see the fruits giving back.  Hopefully, it will lead new music lovers in uncovering these great and essential songs.

Click Here to watch the official video for The Rolling Stones cover of Hate To See You Go.

Click Here to listen to Little Walter's original rendition of Hate To See You Go.