Hey Lucinda - Tindersticks

from the album The Waiting Room (2016)

Lhasa de Sela has collaborated with Tindersticks before, her voice offering a perfect counterpoint to frontman Stuart A. Samples' iconic vocals.  The two have even recorded together on Mr. Samples' solo efforts.

What makes this year's release of the song Hey Lucinda particularly poignant, is that Lhasa de Sela sadly died of breast cancer in 2010.

In a Vogue interview earlier this year, Staples said of Hey Lucinda:

"When I first wrote the song, I was very excited because I broke a kind of stricture.  From Islands In The Stream to Lee (Hazlewood) & Nancy (Sinatra), duets have been written the same way.  The man sings a bit, the woman sings a bit, they sing the chorus together.  In Hey Lucinda, the music follows the conversation rather than the conversation being fitted to the song structure."

"I went to Montreal, where Lhasa lived, and sang it with her, and it sounded great, but I was struggling - it was too linear, and when it feels too easy I don't trust it.  Soon after that, Lhasa became ill and we lost her, and I had to put the song away."

"It took three or four years before I could listen to her music again, but I heard it then as a lost moment between two people rather than the song I'd been struggling with.  I was able to feel the music in a very different way.  Turns out it just needed a glockenspiel."

I hope that the context of this story allows you to better appreciate this song and the fantastic humans that created it.

Click Here to watch the video for Hey Lucinda.