Motivation - Babyfather

from the album "BBF" Hosted By DJ Escrow (2016)

I'm on the floor of a Brixton pub.  You know, the one with the rottweiler on the roof.  I can't move and there is this Hackney brother hovering over me.  As grateful as I am that he is not belting out a rendition of Singing In the Rain, I am a bit alarmed by the rapping and all the talk of "niggas."

It's an understated, monotone, do it on the bathroom floor kind of rap.  It is a song called Motivation.  The brother is Dean Blunt.  DJ Escrow is somewhere in the background, shouting out to all his tugs.

Shorty fell in love with a hustler
Shorty fell in love with a G
Hunny wanna hang with the brothers
And she's always down for the tease

I don't know Hunny.  I don't know Shorty.  I don't even know where my Land Ro is?

But you know what, Motivation is a pretty cool tune.  Now, get me out of here...

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