Out Of This World - Floating Pyramids

from the single Out Of This World (2016)

Once upon a time, I played in a band of highly talented musicians.  We were not a "band of equals" as the singer and guitar player were prima donnas, soaking up the glory while the rest of us played second fiddle.  Kind of like how the Beatles largely allowed George Harrison to contribute only one song per album (think of all the music this denied the world).  In our band, if it wasn't their song or idea, they poo-poo'd it.

Knowing that I had fair writing and marketing chops, I wanted to be the one who promoted our records and gigs.  However, I knew that this would be a non-starter with our ego-maniac singer.  My solution was to tell the band about a Public Relations specialist I knew named Elmore Bassett (cleverly named after my trusted Bassett Hound, Elmore James) who agreed to do me a favor and help us out.

It worked.  Over the next few years, our records were played in seven states and copy written by Elmore Bassett appeared in newspapers and magazines from Savannah to Nashville.

This success led our singer to want to meet our PR man.  I explained that he was very shy - the result of a debilitating speech impediment (I said it sounded like he had a Size 12 tongue in a Size 7 mouth) - but that he did semi-regularly attend our shows.  I often found it funny when I would be talking to some guy at the bar after a gig and she'd be starring at us, wondering if it was the mystery PR man!

That experience taught me how powerful it is (particularly for a shy person) to assume a character as your public persona.  Like Jim Carrey in The Mask, you become empowered to be bigger and bolder than you might ordinarily be.  It is a form of freedom.  Today, 40 Watt Gigolo is such a persona.

In this way, Chris Hammer-Smith is a kindred spirit.  Hailing from Sydney, Chris has successfully created a career as a musical artist, record producer, and DJ under a variety of pseudonyms.  Most famously, he created the worldwide hit "King Of The Stars" under his house music alias of Dr. Don Don.

Now Chris Hammer-Smith has created a new persona - Floating Pyramids - and taken his music in a new direction, releasing a string of singles ahead of a forthcoming album.

I dig the latest single, Out Of This World.  On his Bandcamp page, Floating Pyramids describes the song this way, "The song is a lush, densely layered journey through psychedelic flutes, strings and horns, interspersed with chopped up vocal stabs and filtered synth lines.  The song takes some unexpected but delightful turns, dipping in and out of varying grooves in a crazy cut and paste style arrangement."  Sounds about right.

Click Here to listed to Out Of This World on SoundCloud.