Soma Gone Slapstick - Kristin Hersh

from the book Wyatt At The Coyote Palace (2016)

Last night, I caught a Kristin Hersh show at Saint John on Bethnal Green in London.  There is something about this city that makes every musical performance a cherished event.

She is on tour promoting her new book Wyatt At The Coyote Palace and the double CD that accompanies it.  I quite dig this type of packaging.  So many of the singer/songwriters I admire also write excellent prose.  Combining the two seems too natural.

One of the new songs that stood out most is Soma Gone Slapstick, the lead single.  Although the lyrics are expectedly out front on this tune, it is the underpinning stomp and pulse that create the necessary tension to highlight the might of the lyric.

The world needs more thoughtful, high-quality writing in all forms.  Artists like Kristin Hersh have a special gift allowing them to contribute across the literary spectrum.

Click Here to listen to Soma Gone Slapstick.