Synnyin Syksyllä - Jukka Noisiainen

from the album Jukka Noisiainen (2016)

So I'm still behind the wheel of that old Land Rover.  Having cruised along the rough roads of Nigeria, I decided to hyperspace to some new scenery.  Welcome to Finland.

Some locals suggested I drive north from Oulu to Hammerfest, but I opted against it.  Good name for a puffy pants festival, bad name for a podiatrist convention.  Instead, I am cruising south along the Gulf of Bothnia towards Pori.  Good times.  Hope the skies clear so I can see the super moon.

For this leg of the journey, I am listening to Jukka Noisianinen,  I really dig this Finnish guitarist, particularly his tune Synnyin Syksyllä.

Warm analog tones, highlighted by a country twang and harmonies, create a familiar vibe.  However, the Finnish vocals give it an erie unsettled excitement.  Kind of like Tennessee in an alternative universe...

Anyhow, it is perfect for this ride.  Ooh.  Look.  It's the super moon.

Click Here to listen to Synnyin Syksyllä.