Aunt Peg's New Old Man - Robbie Fulks

from the album Upland Stories (2016)

Storytelling is a natural way for humans to communicate.  From the Bible to Springsteen songs, stories - with their characters and lessons - help define the fabric that connects us all.

In my mind, storytelling is what helps differentiate American song.  It is a long tradition that continues across most genres today.

Aunt Peg's New Old Man by Robbie Fulks is a great example.  As you listen to this country folk tune, you see people you may know in Aunt Peg, her new old man, and their American family.  You also get to enjoy the subtle lessons in their story.

This year, Robbie Fulks was rewarded with a Grammy nomination for Best Folk Album for Upland Stories.  I'm rooting for him.

Click Here to listen to a live rendition of Aunt Peg's New Old Man.