Darkness And Light - John Legend

from the album Darkness And Light (2016)

I was recently listening to Jon Peter Lewis' cover of Bob Dylan's Not Dark Yet.  I found the background singers's voice to be captivating.  With a little research, I discovered that it was Blake Mills.

Blake Mills has a curious way of unexpectedly popping up in my musical listening.  It figures since this 30-year old is one of the most sought after cats in Los Angeles these days.  This is based on his mastery as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. Wow.

My favorite accomplishment by Blake Mills is his production of Alabama Shakes second album, Sound & Color.  This record has been a favorite of mine since its initial release.  I equate it to a modern version of Led Zeppelin in their prime.  The production is stellar.

So, when the new John Legend record came out last week, I read that Blake Mills was the producer.  This is the big time.  He is now working at the highest level of the recording industry.  I had to check it out.

The title track - Darkness And Light - turns out to be a duet between John Legend and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes.  Bringing these three artists together could not possibly disappoint.

The sound takes me back to that great Alabama Shakes record, except the incredible vocals of John Legend are leading the way.  Then Brittany Howard enters.  Two great singers singing impeccably produced music.  I dig it.

I can't wait to hear what Blake Mills does next.  He is something else.

Click Here to listen to Darkness And Light.