Love As A Weapon - Little Scream

from the album Cult Following (2016)

One of my funky friends contends that The Rolling Stones' song Emotional Rescue is the prototype for many of Prince's greatest tracks.  I am not certain that I agree with her, but how I would have loved hearing Prince cover that song.

This proposition really comes to light when I listen to Love As A Weapon, a delightfully infectious tune by Little Scream (a.k.a. Laurel Sprengelmeyer).

It is really all about tone - in particularly the tone of the rhythm guitar, coupled with the falsetto vocals - and the groove.  I really dig how the bass lays back in the track: fat and confident, not needing to be out front, while still commanding the listener to dance.

The song is also well structured and crafted.  I dig how it follows the structure of all great dance tunes (particularly the chill down) without being too obvious about it.  Good stuff.

Hope this song makes you dance...

Click Here to watch the official video to Love As A Weapon.


  1. Little Scream - Tiny noises of great rejoice

    I really liked this band. It’s been some while since I listened to a band that just made me feel good, and this one hit the mark.

    I really like their use of image kaleidoscope effect in their video - nostalgic (Ahhhh). Also a real foot tapper.


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