Ngo Kuivu - Bonga

from the album Recados De Fora (2016)

It is amazing to study how the relocation of humans - through exploration, colonization, immigration, and exploitation - effects the varied regions of the world.

"African music" is not ubiquitous.  The music of Nigeria differs from South Africa, Uganda, or Ethiopia.  This is largely the result of European colonization.

Consider the music of Angola.  This country is wildly influenced by the Portuguese colonization of the early 1500's.  Angolan music sounds different tun other African music.  Interestingly, it also sounds different than Portuguese colonies in other parts of the world, like Brazil.

In the west, Angolan music somehow found its way to Cuba and influenced the Cuban sound.  With the rise of Fidel Castro, this sound was transplanted into South Florida by refugees.

Take a listen to Ngo Kuivu by the Angolan music legend Bonga.  Listen to how the guitars and horns play off of African rhythms.  Think about how this sounds different from Fela Kuti, or any other African artist.

Now picture yourself in a club in Miami, full of mojitos, dancing to the rhythm of this song.  The music of this time and place began many centuries ago on a far off continent.

Make music, not walls.

Click Here to listen to Ngo Kuiva.