Old Masters - Lambchop

from the album FLOTUS (2016)

Aah, the craft of making music !!!

For nearly 20 years, Lambchop has been making incredible music that is poetic, melodic, and altogether original.  On their latest record - FLOTUS - they have decided to craft an altogether new sound, one that incorporates beats, long-form musical patterns, and vocoder-heavy lyrics that allow Kurt Wagner's magnificent voice to become "another instrument" in the ensemble.

I think of the care that must have gone into creating this sound.  The hours of playing and listening.  The self-reflection.  The subtle tweaking of tone and dynamics.  It must have been a labor of love.

For me, I enjoy listening to this album in its entirety.  Loosing myself in the rhythms and melodies.  By the time I get to track six - Old Masters - I have been transported to a beautiful listening state.  It is here that the the bass guitar playing of Matt Swanson brings me to my knees.  His playing is the thread that connects the album, and on this song it shines with a soulful joy that I find irrepressible.

Please seek out this record and listen to it on a cold night with a glass of fine wine.

Click Here to listen to a live version of Old Masters.  I apologize for not being able to late the album version (with the highlighted bass track), but this should give you a sense of the vibe.