Valdez Off Crenshaw - Terrace Martin

from the album Velvet Portraits (2016)

Although Terrace Martin's music is classified in the jazz genre - largely on account of his being a saxophonist - his music is so much more.  Hip-hop, funk, and soul abound in his music, defying labels.  I dig that.

And I particularly dig the tune Valdez Off Crenshaw. As the name implies, we are being taken on a ride through Los Angeles (always a treat).  The sax is smooth.  The synths are timeless. The beat has some funk.  Hot guitar licks leave you wanting to taste some tequila. And the groove puts a little sex in the air.  Welcome to LA.

As you listen to this song, you will be reminded that life is good.  Particularly if you act on your impulses.

Click Here to listen to Valdez Off Crenshaw.