White Christmas Blue - Loretta Lynn

from the album White Christmas Blue (2016)

Two of my favorite holiday tunes are White Christmas and Blue Christmas.

White Christmas, with Bing Crosby crooning of idyllic images and memories from Christmas' past while writing a Christmas card to someone he loves.   Blue Christmas, with Elvis Presley of the lonely side of Christmas we all encounter when that someone special is not there to share in the festivities.  Iconic songs with iconic singers.

My favorite new holiday tune of this year is White Christmas Blue by Loretta Lynn.  Here the themes of these two great songs are brought together magnificently by the 84-year old country gal.  Set to the warmth of a tight country band - complete with piano, mandolin, and fiddle - the great Loretta Lynn falls right into the pocket delivering a string of great images and rhymes as only she can.

My favorite line:  "I should be saying Ho Ho Ho, instead of Boo Hoo Hoo".  Loretta Lynn is simply the best.

I bet I'll play this song 100 times over the next few weeks.

Click Here to listen to White Christmas Blue.