Astral Plane - Valerie June

from the album The Order Of Time (2017)

Sometimes, it is a simple visual image that hooks me into a song.

Such is the case with Astral Plane, the latest single from singer-songwriter Valerie June, and the line "Dancing On The Astral Plane."

I imagine two lines of souls traversing the plane, one on their way towards being born and the other returning from death.  I imagine the newbies looking into the eyes of the recently departed for a clue of what awaits them.  Unlike the scenes of hollowed faces we have witnessed in too many war movies, Valerie June offers us the imagine of dancing.  Of happiness and joy.  With a single lyric she shows us that life is good.

This is powerful songwriting.

The performance is equally exquisite.  Soft and pure.  A little rootsy and little ethereal.  Melodic.

Valerie June grew up in a Memphis family that sang Gospel and R&B together, in the tradition of The Staples Singers.  The message in music of those raised in this environment is uplifting and lasting.  No wonder Mavis Staples sings Valerie June songs.

Click Here to listen to Astral Plane.