Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth - Mick Harvey

from the album Intoxicated Women (2017)

Mick Harvey is an incredible musician, best known for his association with Nick Cave over the past 40 years as a member of The Bad Seeds, Birthday Party, and Boys Next Door.  More recently, he has been a major contributor to PJ Harvey records.

As a solo artist, he has been working on a series of four records that unfurl updated, english-language renditions of Serge Gainsbourg songs from he '60s and '70s.  This month marks the release of Intoxicated Women, the final record in the series.

The preview single - Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth - is the perfect way to kick-off the new year.  The symbolic "new year" imagery of a baby - coupled with the predatory image of the wolf - feels well suited for modern times.

It is also an appropriate kick-off by being an excellent tune.  "Mysteriouso" Pop over a rockin' beat, with a campy vibe and just enough reverb to hook me.

Mick Harvey and Serge Gainsbourg are both artists I plan to listen to more often in 2017.  How is that for a resolution?

Click Here to listen to Mick Harvey's version of Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth.