B.H.S. - Sleaford Mods

from the album English Tapas (2017)

Earlier this week, thirty-or-so friends of mine lost their jobs as part of a "workforce reduction."  The majority were fifty-somethings, many of whom had spent the better part of twenty years sacrificing for "the company."  We are all one big family, after all.

The motivation was not a response to an economic downturn, or anything of the sort.  It was the self-serving financial interests of the greedy and the mean.  As if they did not already have enough money sticking out their greasy little holes...

With that as a backdrop, I am really digging the song B.H.S. by Sleaford Mods.  The uptempo electronic beat, the tremble-heavy bass groove, the thick British accent in the lead vocals, the righteous indignation in the lyrics, the repeating of certain lyrics in a style reminiscent of Public Image Limited, the second vocal mirroring the first in a manner that evokes the Beastie Boys.  This is modern and fresh while in the finest tradition of urban protest singing.

B.H.S. stands for British Home Stores, a UK-based department store chain that effectively went under in the summer of 2016.  While this is part of the changing times for brick and mortar retailers, how this failure went down was vulgar.

Not only did 11,000 good people lose their jobs, but the 22,000 people relying on the company's pension fund found it raided, dashing worker's dreams of a secure retirement.  Meanwhile, B.H.S.'s chairman - Sir Philip Green - purchased a £400M super yacht and set sail on the Mediterranean.

As the lyrics say, "We're going down like B.H.S., while the able-bodied vultures monitor and pick out lists."

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