Bump Bump Babe - Wells Fargo

from the album Watch Out!!! (2017)

When you look back at political revolution over the past fifty years, you often find that rock and roll and other western music is leveraged to symbolize change in attitudes and a break from authority.

Such was the case in the days of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, as powerfully documented in the 2014 film Don't Think I've Forgotten, Cambodia's Lost Rock And Roll.

This month, the album Watch Out !!! by the band Wells Fargo was reissued.  Originally recorded and released in the late 1970's this music stood at the forefront of political change in Zimbabwe.

I particularly dig the song Bump Bump Babe because it is free of any political overtones.  Rather it is simply a funky R&B dance tune that hooks you and says in your mind long after the song has ended.

This is the sound of revolution...

Click Here to listen to Bump Bump Babe on SoundCloud.