Do You Still Love Me? - Ryan Adams

from the album Prisoner (2017)

Perhaps the most amazing consequence of music is our ability to associate an artist or a song with special people and moments in in our lives.

For me, this starts with my mother.  Just a few notes from Paul McCartney's song Uncle Albert - along with a bit of wine - will bring me to tears.

Then there are friends who died way too young.  Like Kenny, and the first time I heard the Ramones, playing Beat On the Brat over and over in our friend's basement.  It changed my life.  And my Caribbean college friend, Buzz, who turned me on to reggae music - trying to teach me to dance to the Bunny Wailer song Johnny Too Bad - and rolling on the floor hysterically at how silly I looked.

The Who, Bob Dylan, Sugar, you name it.  All artists that I associate with special friends.

But sometimes that connection is, well, cosmic.  I have a dearest friend whom I came to associate with certain Ryan Adams tunes, even though our paths had diverged long before Whiskeytown was even a twinkle in young Ryan's eye.  That friend - it turns out - also associated certain Ryan Adams songs with me.  Who knew that we were connected this way?

Over the past month, I stumbled across two pre-released song from the forthcoming Ryan Adams album: Do You Still Love Me? and To Be Without You.  I've probably listened to each of them a hundred times, losing myself in the music, the lyrics, and their connection.

Cheers to those special friends...

Click Here to listen to the album version of Do You Still Love Me?


  1. Thank you for this post...I am looking so forward to the release of this album I can't even take it. The two songs he released are amazing!!

    Cheers to a great day and a cosmic cocktail next week if we are that fortunate!! I sure hope so.


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