Follow The Leader - Foxygen

from the album Hang (2017)

Foxygen is one of the bands I enjoy most.  With an encyclopedic arsenal of classic vibes and stylings,  every song is history lesson wrapped in hip, modern eclecticism.  How fun would it be to listen to old records with them?  Or to go into a studio and try to dial in groovy tones?

Listening to Follow The Leader is shear delight with its orchestration-laden, retro-soul vibe.  I would dig this song for the cheeky vocals and slick backing vocals alone, but there is so much more.  Every tone in this crazy-good arrangement is perfect.  Every listen unearths more to dig.

But better than all that is the bass guitar track.  It carries the song.  Funky and bouncy, full of great deep runs.

Hail Foxygen !!!

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