Grease - Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White

from the album Gentlewoman, Ruby Man (2017)

My passion for new music creates some torment in my personal life.

This mainly surrounds the six or seven large parties I throw every year.  You see, I am a bit obstinate in my party mixes, wanting to force people to listen to all the great new music I have discovered.  The problem is that unlike my funky friends - all of whom love being turned on to the latest tunes - many of my other friends are stuck in a time warp, listening exclusively to the music of their teens and twenties.

Case in point: My brother, who is convinced that Echo & The Bunnymen were the last band to make great music.  Dare to be different, dude.

I actually dig all kinds of great tunes from the last century and don't mind slipping them into the mix.  However, I have such an issue with the folks who are closed-minded about new music that I can't help but compel them to listen to it.

When I throw parties,  I am best rewarded when I see people using their Shazam apps and most discouraged when someone says "what is this shit," as was the case at last year's Memorial Day party. Yup, some people have a visceral reaction to anything approaching rap.

All that being said, a favorite "party trick" is to throw recent cover versions of older songs into the mix.  This allows me to satisfy my new music need while giving them something familiar to enjoy.

One song sure to make this year's mix is Grease by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White.  What could be more universally satisfying than the theme song from the classic Olivia Newton John / John Travolta film?

This duet has a slick, slightly downtempo vibe coupled with all the hooks of Frankie Valli's 1978 version.  It is also full of great modern tones and production.

Cover songs are the solution for those who are hopelessly devoted to new music.

Click Here to listen to this cover version of Grease by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White.