Hard Drugs - SUSTO

from the album & I'm Fine Today (2017)

Hard Drugs by SUSTO is a song that connects with me on several levels.

This starts with the slightly-downtempo Americana vibe created by a lightly-strummed acoustic guitar, beautifully textured country piano, and a tight rhythm section.  In the rhythm section, the snare drum is possibly perfect while the bass guitar subliminally propels the band.  Collectively, this creates an inspired, well-suited soundscape for the crisp vocal performance.

The dynamics are excellent, full of little crescendos and breakdowns that fit effortlessly into the arrangement.

Most notably, the lyrics and how they blend brutal imagery with tender sentiments truly knock me out.  Hard drugs, dead bodies, exploding limbs, and blood-stained sheets are counterbalanced by the hook line:

I'm so glad that I found you
And sorry that I couldn't keep you around

The more I listen to this tune, the more I dig its simplicity, beauty, and humanity.

Click Here to listen to SUSTO perform a "live in the studio" rendition of Hard Drugs.