Meat Is Murder - Tim Cohen

from the album Luck Man (2017)

The first thing that caught my eye was the song title, Meat Is Murder.  Was it the next great Smith's cover?  No.  However, it is a really good tune - based on the PETA slogan - that I have been spinning ever since my first listen.

The song has a cool '80's vibe created by the straight drumming and pulsing bass pattern with distant guitar styling adding to the soundscape.  In the verses, Tim Cohen sings at the low end of his vocal register.  The effect created by the combination of bass and vocals provides a great hook for the listener.

In the chorus, Tim Cohen takes his vocal up towards the higher end of his register.  This makes the recurring mantra of "Meat is murder" really stand out.  I really dig how simple choices in technique can add such effect to a tune.

The end result is a most satisfying song that leaves me wanting to hear more.

Click Here to listen to Meat Is Murder.