Memories - The Proper Ornaments

from the album Foxhole (2017)

The Proper Ornaments is a London band that crafts tight, well-considered songs that they "ornament" with tones and stylings reminiscent of some of the greatest rock bands.  In some ways this technique was perfected by Oasis, but The Proper Ornaments evolve the concept beyond a strict Beatles focus.

Case in point, the song Memories.  Each section of this song is beautiful in its simplicity and the collective arrangement creates a memorable soundscape ripe with moody minor chords and a downtempo vibe.

The song is then decorated with a Beatle-esque vibe enhanced by a Procol Harem keyboard track.  Any doubt that this is intentional is dismissed when the lyric "a whiter shade of grey" is sung just before the keyboard solo.  Kind of like Oasis singing "although the road was winding."

What I dog most about this song is the way the piano and acoustic guitar play off of each other.  The percussion of the piano couples with the jangling of the guitar in a most delightful way.

Click Here to listen to Memories.