Riverview Fog - The Sadies

from the album Northern Passages (2017)

Lately, I have been losing myself in the song Riverview Fog by the great Canadian country rock band, The Sadies.

I've been reflecting mightily on the song's lyrics.  Lyrics can take many forms.  Some are proclamations, some tell stories, and others - like this song - are conversations.

Conversational lyrics often prove difficult in that the writer's audience is typically a singular person, requiring an exactness in the lyric.  When done with the utmost skill, that conversation resonates with others looking to have similar conversations, providing those listeners with just the right words.  Great songwriters like Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder are masters of this.

The song Riverview Fog does a great job:

Hello old friend
I hope I didn't wake you
It's been a while
Since the last time that I saw you
But I know we will always look the same
Like April rain

Just checking in
Nothing much with me is new
But I'll check again
In another month or two
But I thought I'd let you know your on my mind
With no curse of time

I listened too
Some of our records yesterday
If you wanted to
I'll come up there and play
But I know that's not where you are today
Stay calm in your quiet getaway

Ever feel like saying that?

Click Here to watch a video for Riverview Fog.


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