They Put A Body In The Bayou - The Orwells

from the album Terrible Human Beings (2017)

They Put A Body In The Bayou is a song that has really been resonating with me over the past few weeks.

It all starts with the opening feedback and crisp drumming that quickly gives way to rocking guitars.  This song is meant to be listened to at high volume.

Next I dig the verses and how they evoke a '90's alternative radio vibe with a pulsing bass line leading the way.

Then comes my favorite part, the lead vocals of Mario Cuomo - which to me have hint of Jim Morrison and Eric Burdon - and the Animals-inspired backing vocals.  These backing vocals strike me most, appealing to my psychedelic sensibilities without any of the gimmicks or superfluous tones.

This song shines by melding fifty years of rock music into a tight, concise three-minute song.  Hats off to The Orwells.

Click Here to watch the official video for They Put a Body in The Bayou.