U'Huh - Sinkane

from the album Life & Livin' It (2017)

I am often reminded of Stevie Wonder's declaration in his classic song Sir Duke: "You can tell right away it's got the A when the people start to move."  Go ahead and test it for yourself.  Listen to the first few seconds of any Stevie song and see if you get hooked.  It is a great litmus test for a hit record.

On the song U'Huh, Brooklyn-based, African-born Sinkane takes establishes this formula and expands on it.  The opening drum introduction catches you and holds you.  Then, with each iteration of the central chord progression, a new hook is firmly placed.  Synthesizer.  Rhythm Guitar.  Vocal.  Backing Vocal.  Falsetto.  Each one building off the prior, reinforcing the hook.

This is a muscular approach to African Polyrhythms and layered production.  I dig it.

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