Utopia - Austra

from the album Future Politics (2017)

Austra are a synth-pop band from Toronto.  Their song Utopia has been in my regular rotation since the start of the year.

The opening notes of the song provide instant hooks with a melodic bass pattern, high register synth accent, and female backing vocals.  The tones and production evoke the '80s.  As the song evolves, this is further evoked by the strength of the beats and groove which are muscular yet polished.

From this foundation the lead vocals are able to flourish with an enviable balance between abrasive and ethereal.  They take form in many individual elements that intertwine in a fine arrangement to create a swirling effect that is the essence of dream pop.

The craftsmanship across all elements of this song is what keeps me coming back.  This is a quality record.

Click Here to watch the official video to Utopia.