A Heavy Happy Dub - Dub Proof

from the EP A Heavy Happy Dub (2017)

My mind has been too heavy for too long.   Too many dreams have slipped from reach, yet I remain tethered to them.  Darkness yins as hope yangs.  How the fuck did I get here?

Playing music is my salvation.  Unlike listening, which induces reflection, playing music allows me to escape my burdens, to live in the moment, to close my eyes and meld with a song, shielded in a state where nothing else matters.

I woke up way too early this morning.  Could not sleep.  Semiconscious, I walked across the house, grabbed my trusty Fender Jazz, and plugged in.  Soon after, I had the song A Heavy Happy Dub playing quietly from my computer.   I lost myself in the vibe and began playing along with its exquisite bass line.  I nudged up the volume and put the song on repeat.  No longer in the time domain, my head filled with nothing but the dub and an epiphany that Super Black Market Clash is the greatest collection ever released.

Now the sun is up, the dogs are hungry, and my espresso machine calls.  The moment is gone, yet there is solace in knowing that A Heavy Happy Dub is never far away.

Click Here to listen to A Happy Heavy Dub.