Ballad Of The Dying Man - Father John Misty

from the album Ballad Of The Dying Man (2017)

I first wrote about Father John Misty in October 2012, detailing my thoughts on his song "I'm Writing A Novel" off of his Fear Fun album.  His songwriting greatly impressed me, with the post evoking the names of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon.  I was equally enamored with his vibe, stating:

"I dig Father John Misty for creating a modern hippie vibe that makes me want to load up a VW camper and head for the mountains."

Four-and-a-half years later, I find myself more captivated with this artist than ever.  This is not only due to my admiration of his song Ballad Of The Dying Man, but for the thoughtfulness he applies to his craft.

The vast majority of albums I listen to are collections of the most recent songs recorded by a group since their last album.  Some artists, weave a songwriting theme throughout their records adding substance, coherency, and a unified statement to the completed work.  At an even higher level, you find the rock operas of Pete Townsend.

On Pure Comedy, Father John Misty has offered his commentary on the world as it exists today.  The thoughtfulness of the record is captured in an 1800+ word essay written about the album.  He has also created a 25 minute film.  This is more than a record, this is an artist making a statement.

As for the song Ballad Of The Dying Man, I am mesmerized by it.  It has the vibe of an Elton John ballad, moments of Beatle-esque soundscapes, and a message about the trappings of self-importance in a world of social media as he sings from the perspective of a blogger who wonders how the world will survive without his insights against "the homophobes, hipsters, and 1%."

This is beautiful, thoughtful, and a reminder of the essence of true art.

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