Dent Jusay - Matt Martians

from the album The Drum Chord Theory (2017)

Matt Martians is a 28 year-old record producer from Atlanta.  He is best known for his collaborative work with the groups Odd Future and The Internet.

For me, his work stands out for its texture and tone as is evidenced on the song Dent Jusay from his debut solo album, The Drum Chord Theory.

This song creates a swirl of lush textures produced by a dizzying arrangement of synthesizers and voice layered over a crisp, tight beat.  The textures are amplified by the outstanding vocals performances of Syd (who is also part of The Internet), Steve Lacy, and Matt Martians.

I also dig the baseline to this song.  It creates a catchy, uncommon groove while using an economy of notes.

Matt Martians is the real thing.

Click Here to watch the official video for Dent Jusay.