Evening Prayer - Jens Lekman & LouLou Lamotte

from the album Life Will See You Now (2017)

Evening Prayer by Jens Lekman & LouLou Lamotte may very well be the song I dig most, thus far, in 2017.  In addition to songwriting and vocal performance, here's why:

1.  The visual imagery of a person using a 3D printer to create a replica of their cancer tumor and walking about showing it to waitresses and other folk.

2.  The bouncing beat, funky rhythm guitar, and silky groove.

3.  The effortless way the song slides from verse to chorus to bridge.

4.  The backing vocals and orchestration.

5.  This song reminds me of the Human League, who I contend are amongst the greatest of all New Wave bands.

Considering the entire Human League catalogue, I find that they wrote incredible songs across varied genres, including dance (Don't You Want Me), pop ballad (Human), alternative (Mirror Man, Lebanon), and new wave (Together In Electric Dreams, The Things That Dreams Are Made Of, Fascination, Louise). Couple with that the vocals of Philip Oakey - the best singer of his era - and you have radio magic.

I know you will like this one...

Click Here to listen to Evening Prayer.