Fux With The Tux - Tuxedo

from the single Fux With The Tux (2017)

Do you want to dance?

The tune Fux With The Tux is a funky dance explosion that takes you back to bad perms and polyester.  Check out how period-perfect this song sounds.   Then take a closer listen to every beat, the synthesizer tones, the vocals.  This is craftsmanship at its best.

Tuxedo is the duo of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One, two producers from Los Angeles and Seattle, respectively.  Together, and apart, they have produced the backing tracks for successful records often creating the elements from scratch so not to have to pay sampling royalties.

The duo's style is greatly influenced by Mayer Hawthorne's affinity for classic soul and R&B from Motown, Stax, and the world of funk.  He also has the vocal chops to pull it off.

Enjoy this one...

Click Here to listen to Fux With The Tux.