God Bless Clyde Stubblefield...

On February 18th, Clyde Stubblefield died of kidney failure in Madison, Wisconsin.  He was 73 years old.

Although you may not recognize his name, you most certainly have heard his masterwork as the drummer for James Brown's band.  His beats are perhaps the most sampled in music history.  Just ask N.W.A., the Beastie Boys, or Prince (who provided financial support throughout his illness).

Rolling Stone magazine lists him as the sixth best drummer of all time.

As I sit in my yard, drinking a big, fat cab, I am listening to some of his finest playing.  Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud seems to capture everything.  As I listen, nothing in the music "says it" like the drumbeat.  Next, I listen to Cold Sweat, with all its complexity, and realize that his beat - and those amazing snaps on the snare -  provide the glue.  Phenomenal !!!

His funky beat lives in today's funk and hip-hop artists, and will inspire new players for decades to come.

God Bless Clyde Stubblefield...