Let The Chalice Blaze - Thievery Corporation

from the album The Temple Of I & I (2017)

How does your chalice blaze?  Does it blaze with poetry?  Does it blaze with justice?  Does it blaze with invention?  Does it blaze with love?

Certainly your chalice blazes with hard work and passion.  Otherwise, it doesn't blaze at all.  The world never gets to see all those beautiful colors.  Never gets to consider that splendid point of view.  Hard work and passion.  We each hold the key.

I am fortunate to know so many magnificently talented people.  They are artists.  They are engineers. They are healers.  They are compassionate human beings.  Yet so many - myself included - find our chalices less than blazing.  We need to band together, encourage each other, lend oxygen to our sparks.

What would be more beautiful than a cool winter's night with all of our chalices ablaze?

A friend of mine wrote a song that hit Number One on one of the US music charts this week.  A year ago, soon after being nominated for a Grammy Award, he told me "I could never do this without a lot of help and encouragement from my friends and family."

Together, we can light a thousand fires.

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