Night Bird And Morning Bird - Abigail Lapell

from the album Hide Nor Hair (2017)

Abigail Lapell is a singer/songwriter of the folk and alternative country ilk.  Based in Toronto, she has been quietly writing and releasing great music for the past several years, garnering critical acclaim throughout Canada along the way.

The song Night Bird And Morning Bird off of her new album - Hide Nor Hair - is a splendid example.  The forces at play in this song are both powerful and subtle, melodically melding an ethereal quality with an understated sense of dread.  Technically, I find myself hooked into repeated listens to figure out how she does it.

Stellar vocals, excellent instrumentation, and a fine arrangement rule the day.  Also of note is the whistling track performed by Benjamin Hermann.

Click Here to watch the official video to Night Bird And Morning Bird.