Papaya - Stepart

from the album Playground (2017)

I spent another sleepless night jamming along on bass to some recent grooves.

Top amongst them was Papaya by Stepart, an emerging Parisian artist who successfully combines dub reggae and electronica with a most satisfying sense of style.  I am really locking into his vibe and am beginning to comprehend the possibilities at this intersection of genres.

True to dub, the heavy downbeats on 2 and 4 are ever present.  However, this groove is much more liberated.  Although more anchored than jazz, it allows for tremendous freedom in the runs, much in the manner of a tango.

Yet what really makes this track stand out - for me - is the trumpet performance by Merry, layering of depth and analog warmth while summoning the human spirit as only a trumpet can.

I really dig it when multiple genres come together with such effect.

Click Here to listen to Papaya.