Preludes - Craig Finn

from the album We All Want The Same Things (2017)

Sometime last year, I stumbled across a list - on the Stereogum website - of "26 Essential Songs of the NYC Rock Resurgence" of the early '00s.  To my surprise, I was largely unaware of many of the bands/songs on this list and was so moved that I downloaded every song that was not already part of my digital collection.

In the coming months, I added my own discoveries to the list, creating one of the best mixtapes of my lifetime.

Sometime around September, I invited my funky friends over and discretely let the mix play.  They were blown away.  Hard core music lovers giddy with each passing song.  It was my finest hour.

One of the absolute best tunes on the mix was Most People Are DJs by The Hold Steady.  This song introduced me to the music, songwriting, and singing of Craig Finn.  I have been wildly enamored ever since, devouring his musical catalogue.

Preludes is a song from his forthcoming release, We All Want The Same Things.  It is a brilliant song that recalls early Minnesota days, waiting in limbo, not knowing what his future might hold.  Visual imagery abounds.  There is humor, wit, and meaning delivered inside a rocking vibe.

I have read many reviews and critiques of his music, many offering comparisons to Bruce Springsteen.  I don't get it.  Craig Finn is Craig Finn, a magnificent artist you need to be listening to.

Click Here to listen to Preludes by Craig Finn.

Click Here to listen to Most People Are DJs by The Hold Steady.