Show You The Way - Thundercat

from the album Drunk (2017)

I am ever-amazed by the number of truly talented and gifted artists, engineers, and caregivers there are in this world.

This is a kind of absurd amazement, considering there are roughly 7.5 billion inhabitants of our planet.

With so much talent, how does one become recognized?  And once you have achieved recognition, how do you maintain it and remain relevant?

Watching the Academy Awards last night, I kept thinking about the people who were not in the room, all the creative talent that was there last year - and all the prior years - who were no longer in the room.

This got me thinking about Quentin Tarantino films and how he would include great actors and actresses of the past with great effect.  People who's talent was undiminished but had lost their place in the room.

Translating this to music, how many great musicians and songwriters are sitting on the sidelines because "the marketplace" has past them by?

Los Angeles-based Soul-Hip Hop-Jazz producer Thundercat brings a smile to my face with his new song Show You The Way.  On it, he brings two '70s artists - Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins - into the studio to help with the vocals on his retro-R&B tune.

They sound great !!!  Sliding right into the groove, you can't help but ask "Why aren't these guys releasing music all the time?"

Why indeed...

Click Here to listen to Show YouThe Way.