The Last Ten Years - Mark Eitzel

from the album Hey Mr. Ferryman (2017)

Over a lifetime, I have spent an inordinate time thinking about heaven.  Not so much the day-to-day routine of eternal bliss, but more about that moment when I traverse those pearly gates and step inside.

Blue skies, new green grass on the rolling hills, with all the dogs I've loved - tails wagging - running up to greet me, followed by the people I love.  Especially my dad.

An alternative scene takes place in an Irish Pub.  There is an incredible band and I get to share a pint with the people I love.  Especially my dad.

Oddly, I have never given any thought to that moment I descend into hell.

The song The Last Ten Years by Mark Eitzel deals with this subject.  I am fascinated with the treatment.

Sonically, the tones are lush and warm.  Magnificent guitars, a steady beat, and beautiful harmonies.  At one point, we are treated to George Harrison inspired riff-work over billowing orchestration.  I might have expected death metal...

I also find myself getting absorbed in the lyrics.  The preoccupation with the cocktails served in hell.  The recurring line "I've spent the last ten years, trying to waste half-an-hour."

It is a special song that provokes this type of thought.

Click Here to listen to The Last Ten Years.