Three Minute Love Affair - Whitney Rose

from the EP South Texas Suite (2017)

Whitney Rose grew up on Canada's Prince Edward Islands.  Much of her youth was spend around her grandparent's bar, whose jukebox offered the best in classic country music.  In my opinion, nothing sounds better on a jukebox than classic country.

Now at thirty, Whitney Rose finds herself living in Austin, Texas where she records and performs original music deeply influenced by her early roots.

Her new EP, South Texas Suite, leads off the album with a song titled Three Minute Love Affair.  This song pays tribute to the Texas tradition of barroom country dancing by couples to Western Swing and other timeless styles.  If you have ever witnessed it, you know how beautiful and intimate these evenings can be.

The central premise to this song is captured in the chorus, as two strangers dance:

Now there's no one else
No, darling, its just you and me
We ain't got no future and we've got no history
Cause honky-tonks, the whole entire world
Baby, we can go anywhere
It's a three minute love affair

The Spanish guitar, the accordion, the tight latin beat.  You can almost picture these strangers gliding across the sawdust floor, neon buzzing in the windows.

Click Here to listen to Three Minute Love Affair.