Alabaster - All Them Witches

from the album Sleeping Through the War (2017)

All Them Witches are a bluesy-psychedelic band from Nashville.  On their latest album, the song I am particularly digging is Alabaster.

The central hook - for me - is the drumming of Robby Staebler.  Everything in this song builds off his incredible beat that churns and chops like a North Atlantic winter storm.  The toms.  The ride cymbal.   It is incredible.

I also dig the psychedelic guitar, the Jim Morrison-ness of the vocals, the lift provided by the understated backing vocals, the way the song goes from soft groove to heavy throw-down, and how the bass guitar lurks in the shadows.

Brett Callero needs to play this song on The Fuzz Factory !!!

Click Here to listen to Alabaster.