Bad Bohemian - British Sea Power

from the album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party (2017)

British Sea Power guitarist, Martin Noble, reportedly describes their latest record as, "an album where individuals are dealing with their domestic and personal lives against a backdrop of uncontrollable international lunacy."

Such is the case for the aging subject of the song Bad Bohemian, who struggles to find hope in the face of a bleak and disconcerting future.  Personally, I do not know if that makes one a "bad bohemian" the way, let's say, giving up on a daily four-espresso-and-two-cigarette-breakfast habit might.  But who am I to judge?

What I dig about Bad Bohemian is the stirring vibe created by magnificently overdriven guitars coupled with majestically buoyant bass, thunderously rolling drums, and the timeless sheen of Jan Scott Wilkinson's vocals.  This music evokes a gallant neo-psychedelic vibe reminiscent of Joy Division or Echo and The Bunnymen.

They are always a great listening choice.

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