Call Me Pretty - Alexander F

from the album Alexander F (2017)

Call Me Pretty is an uptempo, infectious song with an explosive energy.  I find it fascinating to disect this tune to better understand why I dig it so much.

Here are some thoughts:

-->  The vocals enter with the first beat.  BANG, you're in the song.
-->  The energy of the beat matches the hook lyric of "Hello, I'm running.  Obviously, I'm running."
-->  The doubling of the vocals on the second pass is reminiscent of Romeo Void's Never Say Never, one of the great songs of the new music era.
-->  When the vocals go up in range, they are joined by a guitar tone redolent of a European ambulance.  This adds to the song's sense of urgency.
-->  To take the energy level even higher, Alexander F. enlists the vocals of Kimbra, one of the finest female singers ever produced by New Zealand.  Her lyrical responses of "just cover your eyes and call me pretty," and "just call me pretty, please" are pure magic.  The enunciation and punctuation in the word "please" is perfection.
-->  The guitar lead somehow manages to take the song even higher, making you want to dance around the house.
-->  Throughout it all is a beat and groove that hammers out the eighth-notes in much the same way the best of '80s new music did.  It is a formula that works.

Click Here to watch the official video to Call Me Pretty.