Canción de Amor - Las Piñas

from the album Pistas de Fuego (2017)

In the lexicon of modern music, I struggle with the term "garage."

When I think of "garage rock", my head fills with the romantic notion of young, amateur musicians assembling in a makeshift rehearsal space - be it a garage, or the back of a barber shop - and creating something organic.  What the music lacks in fidelity, it makes up for in raw energy and fresh perspective.

The Ramones literally started in a garage.

Today, I know a lot of forty-or-fifty something guys - some of whom signed indie record deals back in the 90's - who call themselves "garage" rockers.  They are fledgling professional musicians who obsess over reverb and fuzzbox settings, criticize any music from outside their tightly-defined genre, and insist on playing records by The Zombies at pool parties while they sit in the shade and mumble.

Which of these is garage rock?  I'm not sure.  Many of the garage bands of the 60's were imposters.  Professional musicians posing as "garage" bands.  I say "fine," if these aging, black-panted hipsters want to hijack the romantic notion of a garage, they can have it.  What the hell, many are destined to live in one some day.

Las Piñas are two young women - Sofia Cardich and Antonela Peŕigo - who hail from La Plata, Argentina.  They make music that is lo-fi, retro-pop inspired, and tinged with the sweet reverb of surf guitar. Their music is raw, fresh, and organic.

I dig their song Canción de Amor.  It evokes youth, freedom, and a belief that the future is boundless.

Their music cleanses the spirit, regardless of how we label it.

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