Coldblooded - Duke Garwood

from the album Garden Of Ashes (2017)

Duke Garwood is a multi-instrumentalist and musical wizard from London.  He has played on a wide variety of recordings from diverse artists.  I particularly dig that he plays clarinet on Savages incredible debut album Silence Yourself.

Taking center stage on his own solo debut, I have been listening to his song Coldblooded for the past two months.  As you might expect, all of the instruments sound great.  The guitar tone lays down a swampy vibe that is accentuated by the "oohs" of the background vocals.  This is the type of song you will undoubtably hear when binge-watching some future show on Netflix.

But what I enjoy most about this song are the lead vocals.  Duke Garwood's voice is richly textured with deep, smokey, mellow tones.  Kind of like a good bottle of whiskey or wine.

Click Here to watch the official video to Coldblooded.